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January 08 2014

Red Riding Hood Coat Is Fairy Tale Gorgeous

red riding hood coat 1

There are coats, and then there is this jaw-dropping design by Etsy seller Armstreet. It’s romantic and beautiful, and I never thought I’d have so many feelings about a coat. The design definitely evokes fairy tales and a more magical environment, but on the practical side, the jacket is made from wool so it will be warm and toasty. The descending silhouette makes the coat have a flattering fit and all the details add to the beauty.

If gray isn’t your color, they have other options. It’s made to order and total manufacturing time and shipping from Ukraine takes about 40-57 days.

See more photos of the stunning coat after the break.

red riding hood coat 2

red riding hood coat 3

red riding hood coat 4

Product Page ($611 via Tumblr)

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Internet socializing summed up in one picture.

- funny tumblr

- lol rofl wtf pics

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January 06 2014

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admit it we all got a picture like this

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December 05 2013

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Don’t pull the emergency deployment string!

I watched this like 10 times before I realized there’s a dude being launched

this is amazing 

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August 20 2013

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make me laugh

Submitted by MakeMeLaughBlog
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